Tips to prevent prescription drug abuse

Tips to prevent prescription drug abuse

A lot has been said about the prescription drug abuse problem in the United States. Prescription drug abuse can have serious consequences and the best way to avoid them is to stop misusing these drugs. However, preventing prescription drug abuse requires a lot of effort and sufficient knowledge of the drugs. For the ones who believe that prevention is better than cure, here are some ways to prevent it.

While using drugs, make sure it is the right one

While consulting a doctor for any ailment, it is important to let him/ her know of any existing conditions. The patient should be completely frank to the doctor about all the symptoms, psychological and physical issues. The doctor must be able to understand the severity of the patient’s condition before prescribing medication. Further, if the patient is taking any alternative medication, he/she must consult the doctor before doing so.

Check in with the doctor regularly

Patients should stay in regular touch with the doctor and keep updating him/her about their ailment, whether it is improving or not while using the prescribed drugs. This is important to ensure that the drugs are effective and are offered in the right dose to a particular patient. No one should ever try to self-medicate.

One should adhere to the doctor’s instructions

It is risky to go against the doctor’s regimen while using a drug. The patient should always take the medicine in the prescribed amount and as instructed by the doctor. For no reason, whatsoever, should the patient try to exceed the tenure or the quantity of the drugs prescribed. For instance, if someone is having painkillers and it is not working, the patient should not increase the dosage without the doctor’s approval.

Knowing about the effect of one’s medication is important

It is important to be aware of the effects of medicines prescribed by doctors. Asking the doctor or the pharmacist about the probable effects is necessary to be aware of the expected results of the drugs or any side effects. Moreover, this will ensure one can take the necessary action if the drugs have an undesired effect. It is also important to know whether other drugs, over-the-counter medications etc., should be taken while continuing with a particular drug because there can be reactions.

Never use another’s prescription

Even if the symptoms for a disease seem to be exactly the same, another person’s prescription should never be used. No two people are the same, nor are their bodies, hence what may work for one may not work well for the other. So, one person’s effective medication can be a reactive drug for the other.

Don’t order prescribed medicines online unless the provider is trustworthy

The authenticity of online pharmacists is of paramount importance while ordering medicines online. This is because some pharmacies may sell counterfeit medicines that are harmful in nature. It is also important to prevent teens from ordering medication online because they may fall prey to drug abuse since many online pharmacies sell medicines without asking for a prescription.

Be aware of addictive drugs

It is helpful to know which drugs are addictive in nature. In general opioids (painkillers), stimulants and sedatives can have an addictive effect on the user.

Get rid of prescription drug abuse

Prescription drug abuse can be lethal and an increasing number of deaths from prescription drug overdoses prove this fact. It is, therefore, important to take immediate professional help in case someone is abusing prescription drugs.

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