Resisting peer pressure crucial to staying away from substance abuse in early life

Resisting peer pressure crucial to staying away from substance abuse in early life

Melanie had recently joined a new high school. Her jovial personality attracted many within a few weeks. She soon made many friends and started hanging out with them, enjoying the new life. When she visited home after her first semester, her mother sensed something amiss. Melanie was not her usual talkative self, rather a recluse. When her mother started pestering her to come clean, Melanie broke down and said that she was into prescription drug abuse, and could not come out of it as her peers would not let her.

Like Melanie, millions of teenagers and young adults get into the dark alley of substance abuse because of peer pressure. It is important to not surrender to it, as one act of carelessness could mess up someone’s life. Listed below are a few tips, which can help a person to avoid peer pressure and stay away from drugs:

Being firm, yet polite: One should not please friends by taking a sip of alcohol, puff of marijuana or an opioid pill. Doing so can open the gates to addiction. One must practice the art of saying no, firmly, yet kindly. One must exercise self-restraint and only indulge in healthy activities with their friends.

Sticking to support system: When one is due to attend a party with the peer circle, it is always sane to stick around with sober friends. It keeps one motivated to stay away from drugs. Keeping a good company not just kills boredom, but also encourages to focus on more important things in life.

Offering to drive: One can safely stay away from drugs by offering to drive and drop those under the influence. Since one person is always required to be sober for safe driving, this excuse can be easily tried.

Pre-planning: One can always keep a few cans of diet coke or iced tea and take these to the parties. If a party requires everyone to drink, taking sips of the alternate drinks makes one appear busy with their drinks. It also reduces the chances of a friend offering a drink which could be laced with alcohol or prescription medication.

Other excuses: One can also say that he or she is training for a marathon or a sports event, therefore, taking a drug will diminish their chances of success. Additionally, one can also say that his or her parents are uncompromising if they come to know about their child consuming harmful substances. Alternatively, one can say that he or she has to study for a test, do babysitting, pick up someone from the airport, and so on.

Staying away from prescription drugs

If you have a friend circle which is a threat to your sobriety, maybe it is about time that you foster new friendships. Friendship should be a symbol of love and care, and not of harm. Friends should not coerce each other for doing unlawful actions. Once the addiction cycle begins, it’s hard to quit. If you end up taking a drug accidentally, make sure you get in touch with a professional who could provide you with timely intervention.

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